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Mission: We want to change the way you view real estate

After a few years of ownership, and some minor renovations, we sold our first home back in 2015. And thus began our dream of investing in real estate as a full time gig. We eventually founded our company in early 2020, in order to pursue our joint dream of changing the real estate industry. 

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Kate is the owner of We Buy Houses In Central Texas. Kate can be reached directly at Kate@WeBuyHousesInCentralTexas.com.

Kate has always had a passion for real estate, a trait she inherited from her mother and maternal-grandmother. You mean, that you didn’t go on annual historic home tours as a child? No? Just Kate? Well, ok then… moving on.

Kate is a native to Texas. Born in Humble, but she moved to Austin in time to celebrate her 4th birthday. Kate holds real estate licenses in Arizona and Texas. She has spent most of the last 11 years as a stay at home mom to her five kids.


Kyle is the co-founder of We Buy Houses In Central Texas. He’s the guy that enjoys running the numbers and will figure out our best offer for you. Kyle can be reached directly at (512) 537-6849 or at Kyle@WeBuyHousesInCentralTexas.com.

Kyle’s background is in Unmanned Aerial Systems starting in 2006. He began with flying, then instructing, and on to training the new UAS Instructors. An ideas person that one day, one of them will work out.

Kyle is a licensed real estate agent in Texas with a goal to rock the boat starting in Central Texas. Find out more here.


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