How to find a distressed seller in Austin

Finding Distressed Sellers May Suprise You On How Easy It Is… Keep Reading To Find Out How To Find A Distressed Seller In Austin…

Long gone are the days of walking around the neighborhood handing out flyers and knocking on doors to find distressed sellers. Yes, the real estate market has drastically shifted but that does not mean it is a bad thing. Sellers were told by every real estate agent they spoke with, every friend that knows someone, and even people that barely pay attention to real estate, that selling their house will be easy and they can get top dollar.

Many real estate agents are still under the impression that they can take mediocre photos, a poor listing description, weird showing instructions. These agents are unfortunately causing most of the properties to sit on the market way overpriced. It is NOT always the agent that has the listed property sitting on the market. Sometimes, the agent has done everything right, to include inform the seller on the current market, but the seller is not budging.

…that is OK! This is not a motivated seller, nor are they in any form of distress if they are willing to let their property sit on the market for 120+ days. Now, the easy part. Search Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, and the local MLS for properties that have been sitting on the market for more than 30 days. Talk to the agents if they represent the seller. Talk to the seller if they are For Sale By Owner. Find out why the property has been sitting. Assume they had offers and ask why they did not accept them.

Have a conversation. Do not sell yourself, do not put them down, do not criticize their property. Actively listen and find out if you have a solution for them. If they do not have a problem, they are not motivated, they are not in distress, and you do not have a solution that will help. Arrowood (2017) stresses how using plain language between the parties helps demonstrate not only knowledge but understanding. This understanding is both professional and personal with the person you are speaking with.

The following video is a short demonstration on how to find preforeclosure distressed sellers for free.

I have created a few instructional delivery methods through video and text that will help you with this and more. Using Canva has helped me, and countless others build training modules that are easy to use and implement. Sengupta (2019) writes how when creating a course, it is best to avoid forcing the learners to click through every module if they already understand the content. This is why I have my training broken down into areas where you can take a self-assessment at the beginning. If you do well, you can skip to the areas you want to learn. You will always have the option to revisit topic areas. One of these methods is by using slides through 7taps. This is a quick and easy method to cover some complex topics in a short and manageable session. At the end, I encourage you to leave feedback in how the content was laid out, what you learned, and what I can improve on as the facilitator.

Real-Life Project 1 Adobe Captivate.

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