What is a distressed seller in Austin

What Makes A Distressed Seller May Suprise You… Keep Reading To Find Out How To Qualify A Distressed Seller In Austin Even Easier…

The real estate market has drastically shifted… sellers were once able to sell their house on the market quickly… but these traditional methods of selling a home are becoming less common than in decades past. The American Dream is shifting and the concept of home ownership (while still strong) is evolving…

As banks become tighter with their loan approval process, and as Americans are still digging out of the recession (and possibly any credit problems they may have fell into during the recession), many are turning to alternative means of selling a home

… perhaps because they don’t have the funds to make repairs, maybe because they don’t trust real estate agents anymore, or even because they are learning that there are other ways to sell.

Inheriting a property that is 40 years outdated, dealing with the yearly ice storms that are causing pipes to burst and significant water damage, tenants that were not paying rent the last couple years while trashing a landlords property… there are many reasons why a seller becomes distressed.

There are four pillars to every distressed seller. Motivation, Timeline, Condition, and Price. This short blog is about ensuring proper motivation exists. If the seller is motivated due to extenuating circumstances, then they are likely a distressed seller. The key is finding out why they are looking at selling now instead of a few months ago, or even why they decided to not sell in a few months from now.

Do I have a bad or good lead?

Beware the seller that mentions they just want to see what kind of offer they will receive. This is NOT a motivated and/or distressed seller. Do not put to much effort in buying their property as it is not for sale today.

Being honest with the seller is critical to gaining their trust and building your reputation. The more you help others, the more others will find ways to help you. When was the last time someone went out of their way to help you? Didn’t you want to immediately return the favor? This happens in business too if you let it. My training covers all the necessary areas to identify, qualify, reach, and close distressed sellers. When you are ready to learn more, I am more than willing to share through my instructional design modules.

Feel free to use the fillable version to determine what type of lead you have.

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